Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to Select a Real Estate Agent

Res Course
For a vast majority of individuals, purchasing a house is the biggest financial investment of their lifetime. As such, it becomes vital to make a serious consideration with respect to selecting the right real estate agent. As far as Singapore is concerned, all new realtors are required to complete a real estate license course before venturing into this field. This has increased the quality of service customers get while buying and selling their properties. However, you should take due care while selecting the real estate agent for your purpose.


As far as reputation goes, not all real estate agents are same. Consider the one that has a reputation of going well with clients and transacting parties. Communication skills are an important aspect of this business, and a lot depends on how your agent speaks and portrays property descriptions while dealing with parties. Stay away from agents who have a reputation of getting pushy, argumentative and unprofessional. The RES course has been made mandatory for all the new agents in Singapore and trains individuals venturing into this field to have a professional approach towards their clients. Your agent should listen to your needs carefully and give them due weight-age while guiding you to a neighborhood to reveal properties that are perfect for you.

Geographical Area of expertise

Your agent should be well aware of all the local rules and regulations prevalent in the area. For example, the property transfer taxes vary from one locality to another; as such your agent should have a profound knowledge about the local custom charges to avoid paying unnecessary charges and penalties later on.

Selecting a Real Estate Agent

The word of mouth usually serves as the best source of information about a particular real estate agent. Just inquire whether your prospective agent has undertaken real estate sales training and know the basic ethics that govern property deals in Singapore. Make it a point to interview more than one agent; this way you will get a choice and also become aware of the prevalent rates encompassing your deal. It would be wise to ask for the credentials regarding qualification and inquire about their past deals before selecting the one for your purpose.

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