Thursday, 18 December 2014

Real Estate is a promising career in Singapore

RES in Singapore
Brief introduction:

As you know, Singapore is a popular business center in the world there is considerable scope for those who want to venture into new areas of business and earnings. One of the promising careers in Singapore is the Real Estate. Interestingly, those who want to pursue Real Estate as a career should undergo stipulated period of training with any of the recognized schools and they will have to successfully complete the prescribed examination. Only after this training period they are given the certificate to work as a real estate salesperson which is also called RES career.

Course has vast syllabus:

According to the laws governing Singapore, this course is mandatory for those who want to take up real estate as a career. The syllabus for this course is considerably vast and the aspiring candidate will have to undertake the studies only in some of the recognized institutions. The syllabus contains knowledge various laws pertaining to sale and purchase of real estate properties, the procedures for buying and selling of properties, laws regarding holding, ethical values to be followed by the real estate agent and various such other topics are included. There are several RES Course provider in Singapore and the examination for the course is conducted by the Council for Real Estate Agencies. Only those candidates who hold the course completion certificate issued by a recognized institution are allowed to take up the examination. Therefore the candidate must take up the course only in any of the institutions that is recognized by the appropriate agencies.

A promising course:

The duration of the course varies from six months to one year depending on the Institution that offers the course. The candidate will have to take up the examination within two years after successful completion of the course. If he does not do so, then he will have to take up the course once again. The candidate who successfully completes the examination is deemed to be an accredited Real Estate Salesperson. Thereafter, the successful candidate will have to work as an apprentice or trainee for a stipulated period of time. As experts say RES in Singapore has gained popularity because the real estate is a promising career in this competitive business world.

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