Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why more real estate agents aren’t involved in short sales?

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The real estate agents in Singapore deal with different types of clients every day. People who are in lookout for rental apartments, commercial spaces, condos, luxury villas, and leased apartments get in touch with real estate agents in the country. People who want to sell or rent out properties also seek the aid of real estate professionals. However not many agents take up short sales. There are quite a lot of reasons behind the omission of short sales in real estate business.

The process is quite time consuming. If you are a real estate agent who has completed the RES course from a good institute and started dealing with clients, you would want to earn good amounts as returns without wasting much of your time. The short sales can be done only if you are ready to spend a lot of time. Plenty of reasons might pop up which could delay a real estate deal involving mortgage brokers and attorneys.

Not always will the transaction be successful because of legal and other issues. Once you start working on short sales for a client, you will have to close the deal in order to earn your price. It is not always for a RES Singapore to close the deals involving unpaid mortgages and other legal formalities. Even if you convince the banks and get the deals closed, the documentation works and other formalities would be lengthier than a normal real estate deal.

Only highly experienced real estate salespersons can deal with short sales in an efficient manner. When you work as a real estate agent in the country, you will have to hire quite a lot of salespersons. The salespersons just out after completion of the license course from a RES course provider in the country might not have professional experience in the industry. The formalities for short sales vary depending on the situation. Finding experienced professionals to handle the task is not always easy.

Short sales might not always offer instant payments to the salespersons. This is another reason that makes it a less popular option among the real estate agents.

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