Saturday, 4 October 2014

Journey towards Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Singapore

With recent boom in the property prices in Singapore, the career of a real estate agent has become quite rewarding. This sector has its own advantages, and you can look forward towards making unlimited income and setting your own working hours. But in order to become successful in this arena, you need to overcome certain challenges and work hard during the initial years of establishing yourself as a real estate agent. Your journey to become a real estate agent starts with the preparation of RES exam. As per new Singapore laws, all new estate agents are required to pursue a real estate course and pass the RES (Real Estate Salesperson) exam in order to get their working license for undertaking property deals. As per present norms –

•    A real estate education is obligatory

If you aspire to become a realtor in this island nation, it is mandatory to appear in the RES exam and pass it. Now in order to enroll for the RES exam, you need to take coaching from a real estate license course provider. This course will teach you all the basics of property dealing and the rules encompassing the property dealing in Singapore. You should know that certificates from only CEA approved RES course providers are valid for enrolling in the RES exam. Thus, you should choose your course provider wisely.

•    Selection of a brokerage firm

A brokerage firm is an office, where real estate agents and brokers work. By working with a brokerage firm, you get hands-on and practical experience to carry out property dealings and learn the intricacies of the property business. It is better to get tagged with a reputed brokerage firm while pursuing your license course real estate. Having a mentor is quite important in this sector.

•    Getting the license

 In order to get the real estate salesperson license, you should fulfill all the pre-requisites viz. passing the RES exam and clearing all the legal formalities including a check with respect to criminal background.

•    Preparing your budget

If you are serious enough to have an outright career in real estate, you should do proper planning and all the homework before venturing into the business. You should be prepared to meet all the monetary obligations for license course fees, office set up charges, association fees and also keep aside some money for making some initial investment for starting a deal.

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