Friday, 24 October 2014

Singapore Properties versus Malaysia Properties

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Real estate market is booming both in Singapore and in Malaysia. There is a growing trend to compare the advantages and disadvantages of owing or renting property in these two neighboring nations before investing money to buy property in these two nations.  Both countries are industrialized, have great infra structure and safe environment.  Singapore property market just now booming and many investors from overseas have invested in real estate in the city nation.  On the other hand Malaysian properties, in comparison are cheaper, which makes them more attractive to the middle class buyers.  Anyone who has done a real estate license course or has undergone real estate sales training can easily discern the rising trend which compares real estate market in these two countries.

One does not need license course in real estate to understand why Malaysian properties score over Singapore real estate  particularly when the customers and buyers are middle class with limited spare cash. Real estate environment in both nations is same, the quality of the building material, the safety and security element and the infra structure, all these elements are equally good.  However, the price of property is much higher in Singapore than in Malaysia.  It is reported that per square foot cost in Singapore is $ 503 in some areas as compared to the same type of housing in Malaysia which comes with $270 per square foot cost.

Buying property just over the border and commuting to Singapore for work has given rise to a real estate boom in Malaysia, mostly in the areas adjacent to the border, in Iskandar and even in Kuala Lumpur.  The demand for housing in Singapore has spilled over to Malaysia and this has created a mini boom in housing in that place as well. Malaysia has an open door policy which makes buying property as easy as buying property in Singapore.

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