Thursday, 27 March 2014

Becoming a RES Agent in Singapore

With the establishment of mega cities everywhere on the globe, we truly live and breathe real estate. Money and property is on everybody’s lips! It is quite true that the world is almost equally divided between the haves and the have-nots. Even the have-nots have to exist in some sort of physical infrastructure like in a refugee camp that belongs to the government or in labor camps and slums.
Careers in real estate are most challenging. The comprehension of the magnitude of real estate is mind boggling in all its profundity.  Becoming an RES or Real Estate Salesperson involves sustained knowledge gathering of different aspects of law governing real estate. The problem of ethical practice is far more important in segments like real estate that involve greater illegality. Land disputes occur in every world region and many major wars were actually land disputes originally. The building of character and intellect are the twin mighty goals of education. Inculcation of values may often be inborn or the impact of the family. Yet educational infrastructure and the growing environment do play mighty roles. In the present Singapore economic situation, real estate prices have boomed skywards and there is no stopping the maddening rush to acquire real estate with the hope that property prices would

Real Estate in Singapore
Real Estate Salespersons assume greater importance in a concentrated prime real estate market that is modern Singapore. The city has reached the highest standards of income and living, among the highest in the world and leading in Asia. escalate further and bring in the proverbial millions.

Study for RES Aspirants
In this charged scenario, the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct assumes vast significance and could generate inspiration and dynamism among aspirants. What can be greater than dedication to the country, the government and the people? The RES Course is challenging enough with the development of personal skills like communication to cope up with business conferences and promote sales. The art of business discussions equipped with the right information and technical knowhow could push the salespersons’ careers forward.

Text book knowledge is important too, beginning with the basic concepts of real estate. The aspirant
Res Course
requires thorough understanding of the real estate industry and the complexities. The knowledge of the past invigorates our perception of the present especially on such a volatile subject.  The government laws that regulate real estate agencies and their practice would be of primary concern. Laws that govern real estate transactions are challenging enough too. Marketing and Customer Service are among the other important modules.

The Best RES Course in Singapore
The Best RES Course in Singapore would be expected to groom professionals with the winning qualities besides the valuable information of laws governing real estate practice. The Council of Estate Agencies stipulates the passing of CEA’s Real Estate Salesperson Examination or other equivalent qualification. The course teaches the sale and lease transactions that pertain to commercial, residential and industrial properties in Singapore besides the laws governing them.

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