Saturday, 1 March 2014

What are the features of the CEA approved RES course

 CEA approved RES course
Are you looking for a good career in the real estate industry? Do you think you have all the qualifications in you that are required to become a good salesperson? Do you have a flair for sales? Do you love interacting with new people every day? Be a RES Singapore and enjoy all these facilities along with a sound monthly income. How to get this process started? You need to find a course provider first. The provider needs to be authentic and you need to complete the course without fail. You cannot attend the classes on the first few days, be absent for the rest of the sessions and still appear for the exams. Unlike the other courses, the license course real estate is different. It is designed in such a way that the candidates taking up the course benefit from the whole process. It is not just another course that is designed to loot your money. The course helps you in building a strong career in the real estate trade.

Rules related to the course

The government has framed certain rules related to the real estate course in the country. Anybody who is trying to start his or her job as a salesman in the real estate market should complete the RES course from an approved provider. Now, how to choose an approved provider? Well, the course provider should be approved by the Council for Estate Agencies. You can ask for the proofs to the officials at the institute that will help you to verify the same. You can also check with the CEA to get a list of approved institutes in the country. If you happen to choose a provider that is not approved by the council, you will end up wasting your time and money. Hence, be careful with your selection of the course provider.

Rules related to the exam

RES SingaporeYou will be allowed to write the exam only after you finish the course with a CEA approved RES course provider. The institute needs to submit documents to prove that you had attended their training sessions. You will not be able to attend the exam even if you are well versed with the portions mentioned in the syllabus without the help of an approved course provider. The exam consists of two papers. The first one is on basic real estate concept and law. This paper consists of three units and you need to score 75% in order to pass. The second paper is on real estate salespersons practice and regulations. This paper consists of topics related to the laws related to real estate dealings. This paper covers four units and you need to score 75% in order to pass.

When you successfully complete the course and pass the exam, you will be able to work with a real estate agency and earn good amounts as monthly income.

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