Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Safety Is Important For RES Agents Too! Here Are Some Safety Tips

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How many of you look up for tips to become successful RES agent in Singapore? Surely, there would be several hands up by those who are working hard as RES agents. You might be looking up tactics & tricks to get hold of the client, tips on how to serve the client with satisfaction, or how to handle real estate transactions. But have you ever thought of safety? In past 5 years, there have been several cases, where RES agents get involved into critical situations. There have been cases of rapes, murders, and even robbery. So, have you thought, if you ever get into any such situation, then how would you handle that?

Give a quick look to certain tips by CEA approved RES course provider, which would be helpful to you during your career:

Not neglecting the verification aspect: Whenever you get the information from any customer, make a habit that you verify that. Every smallest information (be it regarding phone numbers, address, or other personal details) should be verified by you. You obviously do not have to show records on this, but still, for your personal safety, this is important.

Be careful when meeting new accounts:
When approaching a new client, there might be lot of things that goes in your mind. Along with working upon
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how to add him into account and deliver him good services, you must also be cautious about your safety. Be cautious and sense if anything fishy or unusual happens at the client’s site.

In such cases, make sure that:
During initial meets, if possible call the client at your office. And when he comes, then do note down the vehicle details like car number, license plate number, etc.
In case, you are going out with a client (whom you do not know much), then avoid traveling in his vehicle.
Also, when you go out for site inspection, it is better to inform your colleague or atleast leave an itinerary about your property visits at your desk.  

In your course in real estate, you would have no doubt read about several case studies, But it is also important that you stay updated about such situations as well and make a step ahead in your career carefully. 

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