Friday, 16 May 2014

Key differences between a certified real estate agent and a normal agent

Working in the real estate industry in Singapore is really interesting. Compared to the other jobs where you restrained to work inside a cubicle staring at a computer screen all day long, the job of a real estate agent is more challenging and exciting. There are two types of salespersons in Singapore real estate industry. The first type is the certified agents who hold a valid license and the other normal agents. What are the key diversities between the two? Let us take a look at the key factors.

Industry knowledge

A certified real estate agent in the country will have immense industry knowledge. The exposure and knowhow related to the real estate industry for the certified professionals would be much better than that of the normal agents. A person who undergoes the RES course in the country will be provided with tutorial sessions by highly skilled professionals who would talk about the real time experiences in order to impart better knowledge to the candidates. The normal agents however do not have all this knowledge and would only have information that they learn from the surroundings on their own. This might not always be accurate.

Knowledge about rules and regulations

A certified agent who has completed the real estate course from a CEA approved institute will have great knowledge about the real estate rules and regulations existing in the country. The course syllabus deals with the real estate laws prevailing in the country and any changes that are made to existing laws would also be taught during the training period. The normal agents do not have access to all this information. In order to compete a real estate deal, the agent should have sound knowledge about the laws related to the type of property on sale. For different kind of properties, the laws would also be different.


A certified agent would have better exposure in the market compared to a normal agent. In order to work with a real estate agency in the country as a salesperson the course in real estate approved by the CEA is to be mandatorily completed and the exam should be cleared too. Only such agents would be able to work with the real estate companies in the country. Hence, these agents would have better exposure in the domain compared to the normal agents.

Closing deals

The certified salespersons would be able to close a deal easily because they would be well aware of the clauses and regulations related to the property they deal with each time. They are well trained to provide great assistance to the clients as per their requirements. The normal agents would have to seek professional aid in order to close the deals. The licensed agents would be able to gain access to the authorities with much more ease because they would be generally representing an established real estate agency. The normal agents will have to complete all the transactions themselves and the clients will also have to bear with the time delays caused.

It is hence better to work as a salesperson in the real estate industry in Singapore after completing the real estate license course.

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