Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The rising trend of properties in Singapore and Malaysia

Res CourseThere is great demand for properties in Singapore and Malaysia. The Singapore city attracts a lot of travelers every day and hence there is huge demand for all sorts of properties. The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the major city in the country that is a great real estate market. The trend in the market demands for properties is in both the countries is somewhat similar. Let us compare the property trends in both these countries.

Rental properties

Since Singapore attracts millions of visitors from across the world every year, there is a great demand for rental properties. People visit the country with family most of the time to enjoy a splendid vacation. Families opt for apartments in order to make their stay comfortable in the country. Travelers who visit the country to serve their business needs would choose condos. The rental charges are usually paid by the employers and hence there is huge demand for luxury condos in the country. In order to get a good rental property in Singapore, you can rely on an executive who has completed the Res Course. Malaysia also shows similar trends in the property rental segment. Condos, apartments and villas are in huge demand for rent in the country all through the year.

House properties

Many of the travelers who visit Singapore would have to stay back in order to meet their work requirements. Since the country is friendly to travelers and offers all sorts of facilities, plenty of people choose to stay back I the country for years. Hence, there is a huge property for house properties in the country. Most of the time people look for ready-to-occupy houses available at nominal rates in the country. With the help of a good RES in Singapore, you will be able to identify the best neighborhoods in the country that would make your life comfortable. In Malaysia, there is great demand for flats. Since the land prices are quite high in Kuala Lumpur, most of the people prefer to stay in flats. Hence, the price for flats has gone up in the recent times. There are also plenty of properties available for sale where people can construct houses as per their wish and budget. This trend is seen in Singapore as well.
RES in Singapore

Office buildings

Singapore and Malaysia are both excellent places to do business. Singapore is one of the most important IT corridors in the world and hence there is huge demand for office buildings in the country. Most of the big companies buy vacant land and construct office buildings using their own designs. The smaller organizations might go for office buildings that are ready for occupancy in the country. Here again the assistance of RES Singapore would be beneficial in identifying the best deals in the segment. In Malaysia too there is demand for office buildings all through the year. The IT industry in the country is in its developing phase and this might invite more companies to the country in the future. Singapore is one of the most prominent countries in the world preferred by business enterprises from all over the world. This has taken the real estate industry of the country to great heights.

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