Thursday, 1 May 2014

What property buyers look up in RES agents?

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 Every candidate, who steps into real estate industry aims to be a successful real estate person. Right? And if you are reading this, then that as well mean that you are working hard and need smart tips to become a successful RES agent. One of the smartest tips to be successful in real estate industry relates to clients satisfaction. Your business/career depends upon a good networking and list of happy clients. So, you have to be the agent that the seller wants to get connected with. Here are few things that sellers look for when consulting the agents to get the property of the choice.

Not opinions but skills matters 

Sellers are well aware of the marketing skills of the salespersons; therefore, they have now become smarter in making selections. They do not look up for the salesperson that is capable of impressing them with good talks; they instead need to see the results & skills.

Price is secondary rather high quality is the priority 

Alluring the clients based on the low fees is no more in trend today. Property buyers or sellers do not consider fees; instead, they look up for the agent who can get the most in their pocket. This you would have learned during your RES course preparation as well, but in most cases during practical situations, this aspect tends to get neglected. So be better instead of cheaper. Here, they even look up for the negotiation skills of the agent, who can make them save several dollars.
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Education is important 

Yes, education is another aspect that buyers & sellers generally look up for when choosing a RES in Singapore. Do not get amazed when they would ask you about your qualification or about RES Exam Singapore. With this, they get assured that they are getting associated with a professional RES in Singapore inspite of any fraud.

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